Wake Surfing

Beginner’s Wake Surfing Tricks

Wakesurfer on the lake

About to hit the lake for your first-time wake surfing? Don’t be nervous! Wake surfing is a relatively relaxed water sport and it’s easy to catch onto. If you have only just begun wake surfing you may feel like a pro just standing up on your board. But if you crave a couple more tricks to do in the water, we have you covered! Check out these basic wake surfing tricks for beginners and don’t forget to take it slow. 

 Carving: This is potentially the first movement you will naturally try. It is simply maneuvering further into the wake and back out again creating a light zig zag. This can be simple and subtle movements or more pronounced as you feel comfortable.  

 Standing on the wave: To stand tall on the wave you must first sit down low into almost a squatting position. Once you are ready simply extend your whole body upward without jumping. You will find that your momentum has propelled you to the top of the wake! You can then sit back into your stance resting again on the side of the wave. 

 Grinding: This simple trick is performed by pulling your dominant foot (the one closest to the boat) in toward the wake and then back out again. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted on your board and make slow smooth movements at first. This is similar to carving but you should, as you become more experienced, be able to turn your back almost completely to the boat. 

 Hops or Ollies: This trick is similar to standing on the wave except you don’t want your momentum to pull you up on the wave, you want to extend straight up. While this sounds complex the best practice is simply – practicing! Start slow and try to catch some air! 

 360 Turns: For a beginner, this may sound more complex than it is. This trick is doable for a beginner and it’s sure to impress your friends. Squat down on your board so that you can almost sit down. Extend your arms over the side. Once you have good balance, twist your body, using your arms as an anchor of sorts, to turn your board. 

Regardless of what tricks you try on the lake, remember to stay safe, take it slow, and have a good time!