Pre-Order 2020 Surf Couch "RED" (Nemesis Series)

  • $699.00


The Surf Couch 5'4" Surf Style was designed with the big boys in mind, but also ended up being a great family fun board. When you have riders on your boat in all different weight ranges, this will surf them all. With a wide profile and extra volume/float in the nose, the Surf Couch 5'4" will surf all day long and be a blast for the entire family. You can cruise around on this board and enjoy the music with the crew, or you can get serious, air this board out and show some fin.
With a little extra incentive to this board, we put a Futures 5 fin setup to give you options upon options to figure out what fin setup feels right for you. Also for you bigger surfers that need that extra drive and push a 5 fin setup and squash tail will make all the difference to keep you in the wave.
Recommend weight range is (All Weights)