Pre-Order 2020 The Barricade 4'6" (Nemesis Series)

  • $699.99


Old School meets New School. Brigade Wakesurfing is stoked to see the collaboration with legend shaper Barry Snyder Designs going from a dream to a reality!! 

The Barricade was a huge hit last year so we brought it back and because this is the most exclusive Brigade board we have ever done, it is also the most technically advanced board we have ever build with 30 years of surfboard experience shaped into this board by the hands of Barry Snyder. 
The speed is incredible giving you full range on the wave. The control is by far the most responsive of all our boards to date, with the wing tail. And insane pop off the wave with Barry's newly designed bubble rocker..... Sssshhhhh we've already told you too much haha.
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