Surf Poncho

  • $55.00

What is a Surf Poncho you ask? The next best purchase you'll ever make! Keep yourself warm on the boat while still looking good. Gives you the ability to change right there on the boat or beach and get out of those wet clothes and get into some warm clothes. 

Spend less time in your wet swimsuit and more time in the water with the quick change Brigade Hooded Poncho. Designed to aid the wetsuit change or cozy up after a frigid surf session, this embroidered towel hoody is your pre and post session essential. 

Comes in 5 different color combination to fit your style and choice. 

1 Size fits all (From Little Kid to Full Grown Adult)

Full Hood

Front Pocket

Embroidered Front Logo

Be the Next Cool Kid on the Boat with your Brigade Surf Poncho