Reflex Surfstyle (A-Sym)

  • $899.00

The Reflex is New to the Brigade Wakesurfing lineup and new to the wakesurfing market. At first glance this board and crazy fin setup may look like a mistake, but its actually one of our most thought out and tested boards in our quiver. We are the first to reveal this old ocean shaping concept by the originator and San Diego shaper Carl Ekstrom into the Wakesurfing scene. I bet he never thought his concepts and ideas would translate so perfectly into Wakesurfing and honestly neither did we really. Our Brigade Shop Genius “Indian Mike” took the concept and ran with it and has been playing around with different angles, shapes, fin setups ever since. Hence the Reflex went from concept to reality and now one of our favorite new boards to ride.
Why add this board to your quiver? Because it rides unlike any board you have on your boat right now! With the angle of the tail matching up with the angle of the wave the push doubles from a normal board, giving it twice the speed.
With the off-axis fin setup on this board the maneuverability is insanely quick and responsive! Bottom turns feel like you could hang out in the flats all day long and the snap back in is enough to buck you off your horse “Board”.
Don’t even ask me about snaps off the lip, or 360’s. It makes everything that much better and that much more fun.
You know you are curious to try it out, just add the Reflex Left/Right to your quiver and thank us later.