Brigade LED Board:
Congratulations and thank you very much for getting yourself the most high-tech and high-high-
performance Wakesurfer in the world. Here is a little tutorial to help you enjoy your new Brigade
Circuit Board.

Your board utilizes QI technology along with some of the finest consumer electronics in the
world, we are continually improving our electronics and design everyday, and some updates to
this document may be necessary. If the information in this document isn’t answering your
questions, please feel free to contact us at

Parts list:
LED Circuit Board
LED Remote Controller
Brigade Certified Qi Charger

Your Brigade Certified Qi Charger should be placed Brigade Logo down toward the surface of
the Wakesurfer, The charger will have a red light emitting while in standby mode and will
illuminate Blue when Charging is taking place. (Newer LED Circuit Boards will have a red LED
illuminate from inside the Wakesurfer when charging, this internal red led will turn off when the
Battery is fully charged.) If your Wakesurfer does not have a red led illuminating internally when
the charger is face down and illuminating Blue thats ok, your board is still charging while the
charger is blue, (do not charge for more then 12 hrs.) Charging will produce heat, this heat can
change the color of the epoxy and or enlarge the epoxy, both are totally normal.

Your Board has over 300 LED settings and adjustments, Battery life will differ based on
Brightness, Colors, Patterns, and Model of Wakesurfer. 2-10hrs can be expected.
The Electronics inside are designed for 1000 Charging Cycles, 100,000 hrs of illumination, and
water-resistant. (Please be aware of Brigade Wakesurfings Warranty Policies). If any damage
anywhere on your Wakesurfer is noticed, do not place in water, this can severely damage your

When Placing your charger on the board for the first time your LED’s should illuminate all
around the board. (Pretty, Huh?) At this point you should turn the led off with your remote control
(the remote can take up to 1 hour of charging before the Surfer will respond based on low
battery status, brightness, and patterns of the LED’s.) Your board will drain battery looking for
the remotes signal even with LED’s off, please make sure to charge fully within 24hrs of desired
use. Models 2018 and Newer Multi-colored Led Circuit Boards have a Magnetic internal switch
to disable the LEDs and controller internally, this allows you to place a magnet on a designated
location on your board, to charge immediately and hold your charge until the magnet is
removed. In these models you can charge the Battery with the Magnet on the board leave the
board in storage for months, remove the magnet and have 70%+ of your charge remaining.