Wake Surf Trip of a Lifetime with Dan Bilzerian and Brigade Wakesurfing

Yes you could be surfing with Dan Bilzerian in Las Vegas behind his Malibu 235 on Lake Mead! Brigade Wakesurfing has teamed up with Dan to bring the Lifestyle of Wakesurfing to the next level.... More details soon, but you can expect this trip will be a memory of a lifetime, so don't miss out on this opportunity and get yourself some gear!

All you have to do is....

Purchase a Cart full of Gear = 1 Entry-$250 / 2 Entries-$500 / 3 Entries-$750 

Purchase a Brigade Board = 2 Entries

Purchase a LED Brigade Board = 3 Entries

Purchase a Dan Bilzerian Board = 4 Entries

Purchase a LED Dan Bilzerian Board = 5 Entries