How to care for your board:
It is best to keep your board out of the sun/heat for extended or long periods of
time. We recommend a protective bag for your board; it helps keep it from
becoming scratched, protects it from the sun and may protect the boat as well.
Inspect your board for damage every time you ride. Check the fins to make sure
they are tight. Fins do not float. Gasoline, oils, and most other petroleum
products are bad for your board. Do not let your board come in contact with any
of these chemicals.
The warranties and limitations extend only to the original purchaser or to the
person for whom originally purchased. Proof of purchase is required from an
authorized Brigade Wakesurfing dealer. RECEIPT MUST CLEARLY IDENTIFY
DEALER. Brigade Wakesurfing will, at manufacturer’s option, repair or replace
any product which exhibits defects in material or workmanship. REPAIRED OR
Brigade Wakesurfing reserves the right to refuse warranty based on
determination of defects caused by any other factor than manufacturer error. Any
product determined to have been taken over jumps, rails, ramps, board racks and
other hard objects will be void of any warranty. Products determined to have a
manufacturers defect will be repaired if possible. Should a product be un-
repairable, replacement is at the discretion of Brigade Waksesurfing Warranty
Department and would be a product of equal or greater performance.
Brigade Wakesurfing will inspect any and all products sent in for warranty for the
period of up to 90 Days from original date of purchase of that product. The
warranty period extends to any repaired or replaced items for the duration of the
90 days from date of purchase of original item. Products older than one model
year must be accompanied with a customer receipt to verify purchase within one
year. Product Defined: Any board constructed of predominantly wood materials
and epoxy constructed Wake Surf Boards.
Under no circumstance should a warranty claim be submitted without a Return
Authorization number.
All shipping costs associated with returning the product to Brigade Wakesurfing
will be the responsibility of the party making the warranty claim. Any shipping
charges to return the product will be handled by Brigade Wakesurfing and
returned in the same manner of shipping as received.

Any unopened product, or product returned with no apparent defect will be
subject to a 20% restocking fee.
These products can attack some types of plastics and epoxies causing structural
failure. Clean only with soap and water, rinse thoroughly. Bright colors will fade
when subjected to prolonged sunlight exposure. Fading is not covered.
Custom Wake Surfboards are not returnable and will be subject to 50% non-
refundable deposit if the order is canceled before it is received by the customer.

Liability and suitability of use:
Activities involving the use of Wake Surfboards by Brigade Wakesurfing assume
the risk of bodily injury arising from those activities. Wake Surfboards by Brigade
Wakesurfing is not liable to the users of third parties for any incidental or
consequential damages, including damages for personal injury, beyond the
responsibility Wake Surfboards by Brigade Wakesurfing assumes for replacement
or repair of its products subject to the conditions set forth herein.
Wake Surfboards by Brigade Wakesurfing warrants its products to the original
purchaser to be free from major defects in material or workmanship for one year.
This warranty is subject to the following limitations:
The warranty is valid only when the product is used for normal recreational
activities, and does not cover products used in rental or teaching operations.
This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or
normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, pressure dings, damage due to
excessive sun exposure, damage caused by improper handling and storage,
damage caused in board racks, damage caused by use in boat waves or damage
caused by anything other than defects in the material and workmanship.
This warranty is void if any unauthorized repair, change, or modification has been
made to any part of the product.
Change in atmospheric pressure can cause EPS foam to gas causing a
delamination to your board. Please be aware when flying with your board as
warranty will be void.
Wakesurfboards by Brigade Wakesurfing will make the final warranty
determination, which may require inspections and/or photos of the surfboard,
which clearly show the defects(s). If necessary, this information must be sent to
Brigade Wakesurfing via e-mail or postage prepaid. Email: