New 2018 Wood Brigade Board

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You have been asking for it for years! So it's finally here. The first ever wood core Brigade Board for all those little riders (groms) we needed a board that fit them perfectly and easy to get up and shredding behind the boat.

When we decided to finally make this board we went back and forth on what shape to model it after. But it only made sense to give it the same board profile as our Team Rider and 2017 World Champion Jake Caster Pro-Model. Cause every kid that gets on this board wants to ride like Jake!

Comes with Single Fin Screw Threw

Traction front and back

3 Available Sizes 44" / 48" / 52"

Vinyl Wrap Graphic / Sticker Pack to make your board your own personal Pro-Model

All of this at our lowest cost board in the quiver at a $299 price point.