Stealth Surfstyle

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The Stealth 4’8” Surf Style is the newest shape in the Brigade lineup and we couldn’t be more excited about this board. With a newly designed wider profile shape to stabilize the rider, also a flat tail rocker to give it that speed down the line every surfer is looking for in a larger board to catch airs. As well as a 5-fin futures setup to give you options and a different feel to the boards handling. Making this board feel like 3 different boards depending on your fin setup.

The most noticeable thing we did on the Stealth is that sick new tail. What does the tail do? It creates push and control no matter what angle you are riding. If you loose control while trying a bottom turn, The Stealth will straighten you back out. Or while trying your 360 that you keep washing out on, or over turning, the Stealth will help prevent that. Genius... YES… Amazing board... Absolutely. #JoinTheBrigade and make sure to have the Stealth 4’8” on your boat. You can thank us later.
The Stealth weight range is (160- 230lbs).

Stealth Specs:
4’8” x 20”
Surf Style
Graphic Inlay Top & Bottom
EPS 2-lbs /Epoxy Resin (Light and Strong)
Fin Set-up (5 fins) - Futures V2F2
Tail Shape - (Stealth Tail)