Wake Surfing Safety Tips

Wakesurf on the lake

Wake surfing is a great activity on the water and, unlike other water sports, it can be enjoyed even at a slow pace. For beginners, this may be a big appeal but you may still be worried about injury. Never fear! We are here to help. Before you hit the water check out our tips for wake surfing safety. 

  1. Use the right boat. The most important thing to consider before wake surfing is your boat. The right boat will not only give you a better surfing experience but it will keep you safe. Many boats are made with an exposed propeller making it extremely dangerous to surf behind them. 
  2. Use the right equipment. Similar to the boat, your tow rope should be made specifically for wake surfing. Some might tell you that you can use any waterproof rope as a tow rope but wake surfing ropes are much easier to grasp and much safer. 
  3. Take your time. Whether you are learning to stand on the board for the first time or just getting your sea legs, take it slow. 
  4. Wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Even strong swimmers should wear PFDs when engaging in a water sport. 
  5. Find the right board. Not all boards are alike when it comes to wake surfing. Make sure that you’ve found the board that is most conducive for you. 
  6. Find a good spot. When you are getting ready to wake surf it can be tempting to jump into the water the minute you get on the lake. Instead, slow down and make sure that you’ve found an area on the water that is clear of people, boats, or tree limbs. 
  7. Fall safely. If you are wake surfing you can pretty much guarantee that you will fall – embrace it! Don’t be afraid to fall. If you feel yourself falling don’t jump, allow yourself to fall gently. 

There are a lot of safety considerations when it comes to wake surfing but the most important thing is to relax and have fun.