Driving Tips For Pulling Wake Surfers

Man with a watch driving

Wake surfing fanatics everywhere can testify to the importance of a boat driver that knows what they are doing. The boat driver can make or break a surf because, after all, they are the ones responsible for the wake. If you find yourself the one behind the wheel on the lake, make sure you are up for the task. 

  1. Safety: This is the first and the most important. While having fun on the lake is important, everyone making it home safely is your number one priority. Make sure you are taking it slow and paying attention to your surroundings. 
  2. Setup: Before really taking off make sure you have done a visual sweep of your surroundings and have a course planned that won’t lead to any collisions or rocky waters. 
  3. Keep your engine off until the rider is in place: Most wake surfing boats don’t have an exposed engine making it much safer to be in the water at the end of the boat. However, it is always a better idea to keep the engine off while everyone gets situated. 
  4. Make sure you have a clear view: many boats come with a flip-up seat that allows you to sit higher in your chair to aid in your view. If your boat has this feature, consider utilizing it! If you don’t have this option and you need a better vantage point, sit on some light jackets or towels. You must have a clear view of what is around you while you are driving. 
  5. Watch for fallen surfers: If your wake surfer falls, cut the throttle and gently circle back. 
  6. Have fun! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself on the lake and have a good time. 

No matter your boating experience, make sure you are safe and responsible every time you get behind the wheel.