Lake Day Packing List (Must-Haves On The Water)

Wakesurf boat on the like with the sunset behind

Preparing for a lake day can be a whole ordeal. You have to prep your boat, pack for the day, get everyone ready, the list goes on. Well, we are here to make this process just a little easier with a lake day packing list. 

  1. Sunscreen. This is the one thing that is guaranteed to bring your lake day to a screeching halt. Although it may not be your favorite part of being on the lake, sunscreen is essential. Being over-exposed to the sun can cause long term damage to your skin as well as short term pain from sunburns. And, while you are at it, grab some sunglasses and a hat too! 
  2. Drinking water. Have you ever heard the saying “you don’t bring sand to the beach”? Well, that may be true but you certainly do need to bring water to the lake. Whether you plan to spend the day relaxing or staying active, don’t forget to hydrate. When you are swimming or otherwise staying cool it can be hard to stay in touch with your body enough to realize you are dehydrated so it is better to refuel even when you aren’t feeling thirsty.
  3. Towels. If you have ever had to stand around and drip-dry then you know how important towels are to your lake day. 
  4. Food. Regardless of how long you plan to stay on the lake, it is always a good idea to have some light snacks to munch on. If you are wake surfing or participating in any other water sport, make sure you don’t pack anything that will be hard on the stomach. 
  5. Personal Floatation Devices (PFD). If you plan to spend any time in the water make sure you are wearing a PFD. The easiest way to remember this is to keep them stashed in your boat.   
  6. Some Music. Before you head out the door don’t forget your speaker (better make it waterproof) and lake day playlist. 

Wake Surfing Gear. And last, but certainly not least, wake surfing gear. Imagine a beautiful day on the lake, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky – but wait! You can’t wake surf. What a waste! Don’t spoil your lake day like that. Make sure you pack up your board, tow rope, and sea legs because no lake is complete without this amazing water sport.