Wake Surfing

How Does Wake Surfing Work?

Wakesurf waves

For many professionals or avid wake surfers surfing on a calm lake is second nature. To many others, the idea sounds foreign. Whether you have surfed on the ocean never so much as gone tubing, wake surfing can be a great water sport for you to try.

How does it work?
Wake surfers don’t rely on the moon and the tides for their waves, they follow in a boat’s wake. This can be accomplished behind most any boat, the best, and safest, experiences happen behind a boat specifically made for wake surfing. These specialty boats have a deck in the back for easy boarding, specific places to tie your tow rope, and the propeller is not exposed making it much safer. Wakesurfing boats also come weighted very carefully to create the best wave.
Wakesurfing is a relatively new water sport that is growing in popularity due, in part, to its relative ease and lower risk of injury. Wake surfing doesn’t require high speeds or years of experience, anyone can pick it up!
Getting started
The wake surfer will start by lying down in the water with their heels placed on their board, tow rope in hand. The boat driver will tap the throttle in and out to give the rope some light tension. Once the surfer is ready the driver will begin driving at a slow speed, around 9-11 mph. The increased speed will pull the surfer unto the board allowing them to throw the rope back into the boat. The surfer can then follow the boat by surfing the wake with their dominant foot toward the boat and the wake in front of them.

Now that you have everything you need to get started, hit the lake and get a board of your own!