2019 LED Wakesurf "Circuit Board"

  • $1,299.00

We have dreamed up, created, and patented the first ever LED wakesurf board with wireless charging technology that's controlled remotely. We created the 1st version in 2015 which was a single color led option, and now the new 2.0 version we just revealed at the Utah Boat Show in Feb is fully color changing, with 300+ chase modes and designs, 5 levels of brightness, and ability to stop it on any color/mode you wish. 

All the electronics, battery, and led's are all built into the eps foam core of the board and fiberglassed over to keep everything water tight and safe from damage. With the new technology of induction charging, we're then able to skip the engineering issue of being able to find a way to change or charge batteries without getting water into the board or charging ports. With the Brigade Circuit Board you just set the wireless induction puck on the board above the wireless charging receiver inside the board. 3-4 hours of charging will get you 6-8 hours of ride time depending on brightness setting of LED's.
The Brigade Wakesurfing LED Circuit Board 2.0 extends your mornings and nights on the lake with the ability to see the rider and board with ease. As well is just looking too cool for school. As the sport of wakesurfing continues to grow we want to be on the forefront of safety for the rider, while at the same time making safety cool! We look forward to continue to evolve and make the Brigade Circuit Board a must have toy on your boat.
Pick out the Brigade Model Board perfect for you and we'll be in contact, or just contact us and we'll get your custom LED board designed!