Taking Care of Your Wake Surf Board

Wakesurfer on the lake

If you have invested in your wake surfing board you may already know all the benefits. Such as personalization, control on the water, and much more! But we all know the old saying, “With great lake fun comes some great responsibility” or something like that. The same is true when caring for your wake surfing board. But no worries! We’ve laid out some helpful reminders to keep your board in great shape.

Heat: One of the most common ways to damage your board is to leave it out in the heat and direct sunlight. Your board should always be stored in a dry area that is neither hot nor cold. When transporting your board or storing it on a boat, keep it in the shade or your board bag.
Board Bag: This is essential and can be extremely helpful in protecting our board. Not only can it make the job of loading and unloading your board much easier, but some bags also offer protection from heat, water, and even mildew.
Ding Repair: Although wake surfing is not a high-speed sport, there are always risks of dings and knicks along the way. When this happens, it’s important to first identify how much damage has been done. If it is a small knick, repair it on the boat. Anything too serious might call for a delay in your riding time and a repair at home. Or, it may be the case that the ding doesn’t keep you off the wake at all and you can continue surfing.
Small repairs: If you happen to ding your board on the water you may be able to repair it right there on the boat. It’s best to keep clear tape or stickers on hand for this very reason.
Large repairs: Large dings should be dealt with at home so it’s best not to continue surfing if this happens. When you are home gently sand down the damaged area to remove the gloss and then fill the hole with epoxy. Once the epoxy has completely dried gently sand down any access creating a smooth surface once again.

Most often the damage that can happen to your wake surfing board happens when you aren’t on the water. Regardless of the time of year, make sure you are taking care of your board.